Carry trading - forex systems and strategies
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Carry Trading - forex system

1. Basket Trading - investor psyche
2. Basics of Forex Trading
3. Compound interest

Cheapest mortgage - course

1. Investing course - Forex
2. A story about Forex
3. Mortgage arbitrage

Basket Trading - psychology - the secret of success in the Forex market

From my experience, and many books that I read, I know that investors who are successful in the market, provide three main factors of its own success :

1. The psyche of the investor .

2. Manage the size and capital position.

3. A good trading system with clear methods of opening and closing positions.

These three factors also tried to implement in your system.

Thus began my exploration and construction methods .


The psyche of the investor, investment .

When shares are rising, it seems that will grow indefinitely, while falling, interest in them stop and wait until it bounces. However, if we invested a large sum, it is our psyche can not stand it and sell almost at the very bottom. This is what savvy investors come into the game and buy back shares when they are cheap. If anyone has a good strategy, it is not able to keep it regularly, change the sentence is often influenced by emotion. Examples could be multiplied. How many people, probably as many different behaviors.

How to deal with the psyche? It is not easy, but the best investors make decisions automatically, which are devoid of emotion.

Golden mean, which repeat all investors is: "A good system is a simple system" and "Truncate losses quickly, let profits grow." The more information, the more difficult to decide - the case is complicated by the so-called "information noise". Basket-trade is a simple management system based on the size of the item, with a clearly defined method of making profits and selling the losers and the probability of winning positions more than 50%


Determination of objectives, the psyche and the corresponding strategy.

Lack of capital, knowledge, and youthful impatience, insufficient amount of time, indiscipline and many other factors that makes most people fail to succeed in the stock market. It is important however, that at first I did not lose the capital and at a time to deepen their knowledge and experience and start playing the stock market from scratch. In all the books on investing that I read, I always was repeated several factors for success in the capital market :

carry tradingstrategy that in the period and the number of trials has a higher probability of winning (ie, profits are greater than the losses) ;

carry tradingThis strategy must fit into your psyche and life style;-you must have an appropriate method of capital management and appropriate for the capital ;

carry tradingplease be patient, consistent and believe in his method. On these basic rules focused and searching for an appropriate strategy, which would fit into my psyche, that is:

carry tradingsimple, and takes a few minutes a day and niekolidującej with my daily work and activities outside the ;

carry tradingmaximum safety, or protecting the initial capital;-having a good method for managing capital, where he re-invest any profits could be at greater risk ;

carry tradingdoes not require a large initial capital .

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Carry Trading - Forex system:

1. Basket Trading - investor psyche
2. Forex Trading - Basics
3. Compound interest

Cheapest mortgage - course:

1. Investing course - Forex
2. A story about Forex
3. Mortgage arbitrage

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