Carry trading - forex systems and strategies
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Carry Trading - forex system

1. Basket Trading - investor psyche
2. Basics of Forex Trading
3. Compound interest

Cheapest mortgage - course

1. Investing course - Forex
2. A story about Forex
3. Mortgage arbitrage

Compound interest - small regular profits = big profits

The greatest invention of mankind is compound interest.

Albert Einstein

On average each year over the past 80 years share grew 11% per year (with dividends reinvested earnings), and 7% real estate market. At the moment the investment funds to take the long-term projection of future investment returns for the client provide an average annual growth rate of 5-9%.

Suppose we have an investment worth 10 thousand. pounds and will save for 15 years. I accepted the premise that investment, which we keep in the bank, interest is 5%, profitable shares of 9%, and basket-trade will bring 15% per year. Reinvest profits all the time and let the power of compound interest work.

After 15 years of profit for investment will be 20 thousand. pounds of shares - 35 thousand. pounds, a basket-trade - as many as 80 thousand. pounds. Please note that in the next, sixteen years my method would yield 12 thousand per year. pounds (15% from 80 thou.), which is more than the initial deposit


Opportunities forex (currency trading) for the ordinary people.

If you will be able to increase their savings by an average of 15% per year, it will quickly realize that you had adequate capital, it is no problem zarabiałbyś as much or more than in their normal work. If you like your job, that's great, you can have extra income. If you do not belong to those lucky few - is not it would be great to have a job, you could perform anywhere in the world, take vacation, when you want, and work hours suitable for you? My book may be the beginning of your next attempt to achieve this dream. Listen to your intuition. If you do not risk it and do not try it now, you'll always hesitated, and others will benefit from the knowledge contained in this guide.

Why I wrote this course for Forex?

There are two main reasons stated in the later part of the text in bold. I decided to share my knowledge with others, because I thought that this way he can gather I need capital quickly. If, however, will not be much interest and sell a few copies, is also glad, because I did something useful in life and - I hope - I helped you. So I encourage you to read :)

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Carry Trading - Forex system:

1. Basket Trading - investor psyche
2. Forex Trading - Basics
3. Compound interest

Cheapest mortgage - course:

1. Investing course - Forex
2. A story about Forex
3. Mortgage arbitrage

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