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Sport Trading - introduction

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Sports Trading - Adam Todd - a history of sports trader 1.

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Adam Todd, founder of the popular software used for professional BetTrader trading in this market, has proven itself that it is possible to systematically make money only by trading short-term fluctuations in the price of a bet on the favorite before the start of the race. At the beginning of his adventure with Betfair before they developed the software over three years multiplied 200 pounds to 100,000 pounds.

Sports Trading - Year 2003

The year 2003 was my first full year of trading on Betfair. I started in November 2002 with a total of 200 pounds to the beginning of 2003 hammered down to 300 pounds. Starting from January 2 I had won a string of 70 days in a row without a day of loss. It convinced me that I developed this market.

On the part of my winning days in fact went to zero, but the fact that even in the worst days I have not lost money was very promising. My favorite saying borrowed from Abraham Lincoln is "Can I go very slowly, but it will never go back." That's exactly true of my results. Although some days I made nothing, that nothing is lost, meant that I started to zoom in to your account very quickly, even with so little initial capital.

The positive thing about trading is that all the time around you can use its resources and generate profits from betting on a much higher value than you could in classic establishments. Using the same amount of money in many plants with low short-term wins, earning the lowest margin, but doing enough marketing money to make this viable.

As you can see, my total turnover of betting during the year using an initial capital of 300 pounds was 17.5 million pounds, which generated earnings before discharge my commission 42 000 pounds. My margin was therefore only 0.24% of turnover. A quarter of a percentage may seem small, but earned almost 20 million pounds is worth the sacrifice this time. I did not ask for much, and a consistent strategy has a stable growth rate with virtually no capital landslides.

Another benefit of consistent profits is that the commission maintain the lowest possible level. If you gamble on Betfair and have wide fluctuations in their results, you pay a much larger percentage in commissions than if you just won and had no such fluctuations. For example, suppose that you bet on every race. If you win £ 200 on the race, then you lose 180 pounds, then again, you'll win 200 pounds and at the next race you lose 180 pounds, worked out a total profit of 40 pounds of 4 races. After paying 5% commission on your winning two races, or 20 pounds, you'll need 20 pounds to win. Despite the fact that the commission is only 5% Betfair has levied 50% of your profits.

Now, if you had speculated on the same four races and earned an average of 10 pounds on each of them, not just wypracowałbyś the same profit without large losses in the two races, but also would pay a much smaller commission. 5% commission earned by you every 10 pounds to 50 pence, even after you it will be minus 38 pounds to 40 pounds. In this example, the commission is in fact a 5% because there is no loss.

As you can see the total fee for the year amounted to 2.336 pounds which equates to only 5.54% of my total winnings. Won the average in 9 of the 10th Trade betting is certainly the most cost-effective and permanent way to make on Betfair.

A small amount of loss means that you do not need to have a lot of cash to wait out a string of losses, which happens when you gamble. In games with equal chances of winning and losing there are losses of more than 8 times in a row. If you bet a horse winning the chances of 3.0 or 4.0, you can expect 20 to 30 losses in a row. My chance of winning had an average probability of 90% so in my case, the possibility of loss 3 - 4 times in a row was very small. So I did not need a large account which requires a gambler.

By the end of March increased the account up to 3000 pounds I decided to start withdrawing money earned. At that time I was pretty sure that puts me on the right track. I had had enough of being 'broke' and live with their parents. In addition, my rate that reached a maximum bet that the market could easily absorb. The first thing I did was kiss my parents goodbye, thanking them, they kept me through this time, when I Made a trade every day of horse racing. I moved to London, where he rented a room in the house at Fulham, who rented the Australians.

Every day, got up around noon, I took an hour swim and go out to work. My life has completely changed! I had three days of loss in March. I think it was due to adjust to changes in working conditions, since from now on almost every day I had a hangover. Apart from these few lapses reality was becoming better, because I had no lossy day in April and May, and my average weekly earnings were magically thousand pounds, a sum that was my goal.

London was great and played very well, but I can not sit still in one place for longer. I decided to check whether I could achieve my ultimate goal, namely to move abroad and still make money. I went to Barcelona and I rented a nice apartment near the beach and worked at an Internet cafe at the end of La Ramblas, the one with the best computers. It was summer, I worked about 7 hours each day from the afternoon and partied every night. After a few months back I got tired of it and the end of August I started my adventure with Betfair to Rio de Janeiro. Plan to work here is not too much because it has proved to be an internet connection was not very good in any of the internet cafes, so after a few weeks here, I went to the U.S. to try there.

San Francisco was my first stop, because I heard about it some good things. The problem was, however, the western zone. Horse racing began at 6 am and if you would stay here through the winter wstawałbym at 4 am to begin to try to start trading. After three early starts, I decided to zagościć in a more civilized East Coast time zone. Miami, here I come!

I loved Miami from the first day as I found here. I managed to even make even a good sum of money sitting at a computer for 3 hours on the same day, later to rent an apartment on the 14th floor overlooking the sea in South Beach. It took some time to my internet connected, and every morning in the meantime, I would take my new laptop to Starbuck's coffee shop on Ocean Drive and away Made a trade. In the afternoon I left the cafeteria after another good day and went to the beach or wherever, wherever I wanted. I have never felt so free.

It was my first year of trading on Betfair

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