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Sport Trading - introduction

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2. Software for sport trading

Sports Trading - Adam Todd - the story sports trader 2.

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Year 2004 - a pretty good start in the sport trading.


I have not had losses of up to June. It was the year when the idea came to the foundation, and so was RacingTraders. The initial idea was to record a video of trades at the races and sell these videos, but do not end up as I thought. Later it was the idea of organizing training courses and has already had more interest. Edge Magazine printed my article where I wrote about a new phenomenon, namely trade in betting and thus began to sell their courses.

Sales of sport trading exchange.

The first course took place in July in London in a five-star Waldorf Hilton. The course went very well and after quite a small group of students went to Pabu where drunk like a slug. The second course was a week later in Manchester in the next 5 star hotel and it was also successful. Seats were sold at 295 pounds and I think I might very well make money on these courses, but it was not what I want to do. I preferred to sit at your computer yourself and make money instead to teach the people.

Video exchange trading.

After all it seemed to me that I failed my way, because the video was not a great success. Since I did not want to do more courses, I went back to trading. I knew that I wanted to find another method of earning, I was not dependent on daily trading. Then Betfair has released its API (application programming interface) allowing developers to build their own software integrated with Betfair. I got the idea to create a unique software that would allow me to place orders with one click. Immediately after the courses I had tendinitis in agony clicked the refresh button on Betfair. The whole process of approval of the order was simply too slow, cumbersome and caused my errors. I did not like that I had to click so many times and move the mouse around the screen to place an order facility, so I decided to build my own interface to trade.

BatTrader - the beginning of the trading applications.

Wanting to build my own application, and build their own software are two quite different things. It soon became apparent that I had no clue how to go about it and wasted the rest of 2004 with two different people who said they could help me with this but it turned out to be ordinary gnojami. I knew how the appearance of the application will have to please me, it was an interface 'ladder' (deliberately not translated, because I think that this term is adopted in the Polish language, and called. Ladder interface does not sound too good). I was just a simple man who earned a living by speculating on horses, and who barely handle email. In addition to Betfair and Yahoo, the world of computers has remained a mystery to me, and I did not know how to begin. Until the end I managed to sketch an interface 'ladder' in Photoshop. Later I had a meeting with a developer who, after hearing what I want to achieve, said he could do it.

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