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Sport Trading - introduction

1. Adam Todd - Sport Trader story 1

- part 2
- part 3

2. Software for sport trading

History trader - Adam Todd - Part 3.

Sports Trading - Year 2005

The year 2005 was for me very strange. I quit drinking completely, because I found that I have no purpose. The girl whom he later married moved into my apartment as a roommate. Very scattered my attention when I tried to work on the software. Developer to quickly bored of work and left me with an incomplete application. Plenty of time must be devoted to test applications on active markets, horse racing which meant that I could not s focus on trading, so the effects are visible in my results. Still earning a living, but nothing more, and after 3 years of doing the same thing started I was a little tired

Working on software copyright trading.

The first version BetTrader it was a joke compared to what it is now. It was very basic, built in flash for some strange reason and act unstable. But I approve establishments with one click on the interface 'ladder' and show current prices refreshed every second, which was better than using the Betfair.

I had trouble to persuade anyone to use the application because it had a lot of defects and it was necessary to know how to use it. She was like an old car where you need to know how to fire and how to change gears in it. As long as you know how to handle the application work correctly! This is what the case has moved forward, a few video recordings, where each race Made a trade for two days in a row for 3 hours without editing. I think that these recordings were made 5-th - 6 th August. Have expressed their opinions rather loudly while playing as soon as I lost my 'fiver', so that most people were amazed, but the main task was to show people playing in every race, and the application has not crashed. Following the publication of these recordings, people began her try out.

After this became quite popular and now I was not dependent entirely on the game at the races. The fact that I was able to show the market where my application work helped persuade some friends and my brother, that you lend me some money so I can once again begin to build a professional application with many new features with the new programmer. In December 2005, we began to develop in an existing application. NET framework written in C Sharp with two very talented programmers, and since that time I do it with them full time. I discovered that it was impossible to trade effectively with the simultaneous testing and developing software for the same markets. It just has not confirmed in August, so instead ill do both things, I took a break in play at the races

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