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Sport Trading - wstęp do handlu

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2. Oprogramowanie do tradingu

Sports Trading - an alternative method of investing.

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It is said that if you play the stock market and discover the market, no longer come back to this market a long time ... because they have just discovered SPORT - TRADING.

A few words of introduction about the stock market betting .

Few know in Poland that is different than the Stock Exchange, or FOREX, easier market, which is a very interesting alternative because it has more advantages than disadvantages in comparison to the above-mentioned markets. Within a few years but became very popular, and now thanks to the internet you also have the chance to become a member and reap the benefits.

You know exactly how much risk and what are the chances of the team at the moment. This is not the stock exchange, where shares very difficult to value even the professionals. Here you can see exactly what is happening on the pitch and you know exactly what you invest and it is the biggest advantage over other methods of investing

carry trading
Screenshoot: Example of simple on-screen setup (

Sports betting exchange platform - nearly perfect market.

Would you like to trade the market on which they are large fluctuations in the price every 10 minutes. Everything is done in the afternoons, seven days a week. The market in which prices are determined solely by supply and demand, where there are no commissions on transactions, intermediaries, and the only commission you pay is only a small percentage of your winnings. In contrast to the strategy described in my books, make money in this market requires a lot of time and spend a good few hours a day at their computer screens, but it is possible to earn several hundred dollars per day systematically taking into account no more than a thousand gold. This betting market now is more perceived as more of a traditional financial exchange on which they are traded market risk than the antiquated sports betting.

Shrewd investors quickly saw huge opportunities offered by sports trading because they can buy or sell sports betting in the same way as they do on normal financial markets, but on better terms.

Please pay attention to this young man. I just go to his blog today and there's profit and loss account

carry trading

A thousand pounds, and not just one day! This is done systematically. I guess I have to quit my day job :-)

Those who play the stock market will be probably surprised to learn that these graphs, it is odds betting on horse races. One such figure is approximately 15-20 minutes, and the racing is even a few dozen a day, which means that we have plenty of work opportunities

carry trading
carry trading

Horse racing is an exciting market, but it seems to me that the need to devote more time and gain experience to consistently make money on it. But there are a lot easier markets in which anyone can make money as tennis, soccer and other.

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